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FAHIMA MAHOMED Qualified LifeCoach & NLP Practitioner.For Fulfillment &
Success in life

Coaching is for everyday people with everyday challenges.

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Fahima uses NLP (Neuro-linguistics programming) CBT (Cognitive behaviour therapy) and the latest techniques to open, widen and change mindsets to create new habits in order to live more fulfilled and happier. As a Life-coach, Fahima is a catalyst to assist her audience to tap into their own potential to achieve change and outcomes they desire in their personal and professional transformation. All sessions are tailor designed for your individuals need.
Coaching will extract from within you, your own potential.
Relationships & Couples
Manage your relationships in the home or outside. Become a person who knows how to listen, understand & reflect back to create better connections & rapport with the other.
Overcome adversity & challenges
Become resilience & able to cope with circumstances out of your control.
Companies & Institutes
Gain better company culture to address requirements for the business and your employees.

Our approach
to bringing out the best in you

Fahima researches and learns daily as a continuous personal development journey for herself and to be current with knowledge and education to provide the best services for her clients.

She has produced and presented on several TV channels. She hosted a show called Single Muslim LIVE on British Muslim TV as the Relationship Coach for the Single app. She currently presents the Wellbeing Show on British Muslim TV.
She is a regular guest on Talk TV on the Trisha Goddard show, Good Morning Britain on ITV, GB News, BBC world news & many Radio stations.
Strengthen your emotional Intelligence
Improve your communication
Intimacy and

More and more businesses and corporates are teaming up with a Lifecoach as part of their empowerment and wellness to their staff and for more business success.Coaching for

Companies are understanding that having staff with the right mindset, behaviours, language, and self-motivation are key to staff retention, better results and overall a more profitable company.
Having me as your business or corporate transformational Lifecoach will enable you to assist your staff to have less stress, create better performance, build better relationships, have better time management, achieve more rapid results and coaching is bespoke to meet business needs and empower company beliefs, values and mission.

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Coaching is an experience and journey of reflection, discovery, and self-awareness combined with action, motivation and goal orientation where required.

A Life coach is a catalyst that encourages different insight and perspective through a line of questioning, tools, strategies, and techniques to enhance the process.

If you want to improve the quality of your life, be more productive or just have better relationships – get in touch!


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    Fahima Mahomed graduated with a Business Management Degree (BSc Hons) and worked in a law firm as a conveyancer. She later became a qualified Life-coach and certified NLP Practitioner (neuro-linguistic programming). Also certified in Mindfulness, Existential, Positive Psychology, Group and Facilitation for companies and institutes, Relationship and Couples Coaching.
    Attended the neuroscience of change and confidence program with ITS International Teachers Seminar.
    Certified Mental Health & Wellness Practitioner with the Academy of Modern Applied Psychology.
    Certified in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.
    Holder of a Masters degree in Psychology and neuroscience of mental health from Kings College London.

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